Migraine frequency

Doctors divide migraine into three levels of frequency

Episodic migraine means you get migraine now and then. High-frequency episodic migraine means you get eight to 14 headache days per month.

This condition also makes you more likely than others to develop chronic migraine.

Chronic migraine means you have headaches on more than 15 days of the month and eight of those days have migraine features such as:

• Moderate to intense head pain
• Pain is on side of head (one or both)
• Pain throbs or pulsates
• Pain gets worse when you move
• You have nausea or vomiting
• You’re sensitive to light and sound
• About 12% of Americans get migraine from time to time, but only about a third of those have chronic migraine.

Chronic and even high-frequency episodic migraine can be disabling conditions. And the higher the pain intensity of each headache, the more disabling it can be. That’s why it’s especially important to work closely with your doctor on a treatment plan.

Thanks to WEB MD for this information.