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Christine Carter

Christine Carter, NP

People who suffer from migraine are suffering NOW. You should not have to wait months to get an appointment. At Migraine NP, our schedule is nimble, a live person answers the phone; you are not just a name and a number!
We are passionate about healthcare being accessible and understandable for every single one of our patients. We know what it is like to feel rushed, not listened to, to feel like a number. As Nurse Practitioners, we care for patients with a more holistic approach.
Christine Carter graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus with both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). During her nursing career, she worked in the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Multitrauma unit, surgical intensive care unit, and has floated to every other unit in the hospital.
Christine is well versed in the new migraine treatments that have recently been recently featured in the news. She offers Botox treatments specifically to address the prevention of migraine and will work with you and your insurance companies to help get you the care you need.
As a nurse practitioner, Christine has worked as a family nurse practitioner in Middletown and then began working in the field of Neurology for the past few years. She realized that there are many people with migraine are having to wait for months to get an appointment with a neurologist. People who suffer from migraine are suffering NOW and no one wants to wait to get relief from their pain!
In addition to Christine’s education and training as a family nurse practitioner, she also is a graduate of the Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Headache Diagnosis and Management from Jefferson University and has learned from some of the world’s best headache and migraine specialists.
Family & Fun
Christine moved to Warwick NY from Maryland and has fallen head over heels in love with “her” town. She is a mom of two amazing kids who are growing up too fast for her liking, which is part of the reason she chose to open up a small office in town, so she can be close to her kids, husband and dogs! When not at work, she can be found walking around with a smile on her face with her Newfoundland, Otis or her King Charles Spaniel, Bentley.
Family & Fun

Let’s Work Together

At Migraine NP, we’re on your team. We’ll listen to you, and work with you to find a treatment that works for you. Migraines are challenging, but rest assured, we’re on your side to help!

Migraines…by the numbers

So common. So challenging. Here are some migraine stats, by the numbers.

most common disease in the WORLD
men, women & children in the US
with migraines say it affects their education, career or social activities